Why is LED Stadium Lighting Better than Halogen Lighting?

Among the latest advancements in the modern era, the replacement of halogen lighting with LED lighting is the emerging one. A large number of schools, courts, and stadiums throughout the world have already switched to LED Stadium Lighting. At the same time, many others are also planning to replace their existing halogen lighting with the latest LED lighting. Do you know why there is such a great move from halogen to LED lighting? This article will help you explore this fact. So, let’s start!

Comparison between Led Stadium Lighting vs. Halogen Lighting

Due to the enormous benefits of led sports lighting over halogen lighting, everyone is shifting from halogen lighting to LED lighting. A simple comparison of these two types of lighting would help you understand the reason. So, let’s have a look at it.


When it comes to measuring the illuminance level or intensity of light between Halogen and LED lighting, LED lights win the competition. A stadium with LED lighting always seems brighter and more illuminant than a halogen one.


LED stadium lighting comes with the lowest to no maintenance cost when we talk about maintenance. These LED lights are made with the most durable material and are firmer than other lights. It’s not wrong to call them rough and tough lights that don’t break up easily and don’t even require any maintenance. All you need to do is to buy them and set them for use.

In contrast, Halogen lights are the most fragile as they are made up of thin glass material. If they fall once, they usually break and thus require higher maintenance.


Comparison between the efficiencies of these two types of lights further supports why LED lighting is the best. Led lights always come with higher efficiency while putting less interference on the electrical circuits. On the other hand, halogen lights give up about 60% to 80% of efficiency only (while LED lights give approx. 90%). At the same time, halogen lights cause more interference to the electrical circuits.

Power Consumption

It is another vital comparison point when we compare two types of lights. Everyone wants to save money when it comes to power consumption by lighting. So, LED lights are the ones that would help you save a large amount of money through less power consumption. In contrast, halogen lights consume more power, and thus, you have to pay heavy bills for them if they stay on for longer.

UV Rays

Similarly, Halogen lights are the ones in which more ultraviolet rays are used and emitted. These ultraviolet rays are not only bad for our environment but also for our health. In contrast to halogen lights, LED lights are much safer and healthier options. They are based on the visible and cool color spectrum, where UV rays are the minimum to none. In this way, they are much safer and cleaner for the environment and for ourselves.


Last but not least, LED lights are cool lights that produce almost no heat even after staying on for hours. Even if you touch them while they are on, they don’t burn your skin as they are not hot. On the other hand, halogen bulbs become extremely hot, and they keep on transmitting this heat to their surroundings. As a result, you would notice a heated atmosphere at a place or stadium full of halogen lighting. However, a stadium with led lighting would never become hot due to lighting, but it would present a bright and cool atmosphere.



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